Privacy Policies

MyCCPay is commonly known as multiple credit card payment. MyCCPay Login is the portal where cardholders can manage the number of credit cards in one place. Anyone with at least two different bank credit cards can recognize and use MyCCPay to control their credit card.


Once cardholders know how to use the MyCCPay login portal, they can manage multiple usernames/passwords for multiple accounts. The company that provides these official services recommends that cardholders use this portal for online account management.

MyCCPay Privacy Policy

The services offered on the Total Card, Inc. (TCI) payment portal on the online portal allow cardholders to manage their accounts online with TCI. For a detailed report on sending and receiving bank transactions, details, and current balance, visit

In addition to protection, the My CC Pay online portal offers financial data while preserving the confidentiality of the issuing bank connected to the account. MyCCPay wants account holders to understand how the portal manages and protects the data that the online portal collects from account holders when they access their registered MyCCPay account.


If the cardholder who registers on the online portal does not accept the instructions for use, the officially formulated rules described in the data protection declaration, the interested parties should stop using the official website directly.

This online portal is intended for US citizens following the official guidelines of the California Consumer Privacy Act. Owners of a MyCCPay account have the rights listed below.

  • Delete any personal customer data that the company has received from the MyCCPay servers from the corresponding account holder.
  • Request an organization that collects personal information from consumers to provide the following information to the consumer free of charge.
  • The categories of personal data collected about this consumer.
  • Categories of sources from which personal data is collected.
  • The business or commercial purpose of receiving or selling personal information.
  • The categories of third parties with whom the company shares personal data.
  • The account holder of certain personal data collected about the respective consumer.

Having an organization that sells or shares customer personal information for business purposes to provide to the customer for free.

The categories of personal data that the company has collected from the consumer are limited to the official servers of the MyCCPay registration portal.

A designated delegate can submit an application on our behalf using our online form on the official website